2017 LowEnd Basses Price List
LowEnd JJ/PJ/PP/MMP Base Pricing
Classic 21 $3,500
Classic 24 $3,600
Exotic 21 No pickguard (5A or spalted top included) $3,700
Exotic 24 No pickguard (5A or spalted top included) $3,800
Basic Options
Per String Up charge (5-7 Strings) $150
Black Hardware $50
Gold Hardware $100
Chrome Hardware $NC
Hipshot X-Tender $75
Black, Vintage White, Tort, Pearliod or Clear Pickguard $NC
Preamp Options
2 to 3 band eq optional pot/switch function $STD on all LE Basses 2017
Custom Quad Pickups w/J taps $300
Triple pickup setup $150
Body Options
Other Exotic Top $300+
Mahogany or Alder Body $NC
Ash Body $150
Neck Options
Rosewood Fingerboard $NC
Maple Fingerboard finished $100
Birdseye Maple Fingerboard Finished $175
Flamed Maple Fingerboard Finished $175
Ebony Fingerboard $200
Exotic Wood Fingerboard $100+
Vintage neck gloss $150
B-Type Neck $STD on ALL LE basses 2017
Fretless (no lines) $NC
Fretless with Lines $NC
Fingerboard face Dots $75
Block Inlays $250
Neck Binding $100
Finish Options
Standards Colors $NC
Matching Headstock $NC
Burst Finish $NC
NITRO & Metallic Finish (Candy Apple Red, Lake Placid Blue, Inca Silver, etc.) $200

Please contact us with ANY additional options. This is a custom instrument in a classic looking package. This includes: different tops, body woods, neck woods, fretboard woods, hardware options, etc.