Our pickups and preamps are the result of years of work. Our pickups and preamps are all built on a simple concept and that's transparency. We believe our pickups and preamps are the most transparent on the market. Transparency is the difference in shaping your own tone and being able to hear the differences in the woods of your instrument.

Ever wonder why your instrument sounds so much differently when unplugged verses being plugged in?


We believe The LowEnd is the most powerful preamp on the market. Unlike practically every other preamp available, when it is set to the neutral postion there is absouletely no coloration or EQ curve applied. This allows the real sound of your bass to shine through and is the perfect starting point for ultimate tone shaping.

The LowEnd preamp can be ordered in many different variations. Listed below are the most common options and pricing.

LowEnd 2 band Preamp $150
LowEnd 2/3 band-option Preamp $200
Wired Bass/Treble/Mid $NC
Wired Bass/Treble $NC
Classic Tone Control $25
Glockenklang Balance Pot $25
Active/Passive Switch $25
Series/Parallel Switch $25
The Preamp comes with 50k center detent pots

We also install the preamp on any kind of instrument. Pricing starts at $50 and is subjective to change on the amount of work required (routing, battery boxes, etc.).

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