LowEnd Basses are built using only the highest quality components and parts availble on the market. Additional parts may be used upon request, however these parts listed below are what come standard in on your bass. You have a choice of color between: black, satin, chrome, gold or mixed.

Hipshot Ultralite Tuners

The Hipshot Ultralite tuner is an industry standard. With the clover key style, it keeps the classic look while providing the best features available. These tuners are very light and help with the balance of the bass (especially when you move to 6 or 7 strings). It is a very smooth turning and precise tuner.

Hipshot "A" Type Bridge

The Hipshot "A" bridge is the standard bridge in the high end bass market. We specifically use the plated brass version which allows for better balance and a beefier tone. This bridge allows for top load or through-body stringing. It has side to side adjustment for even more flexibility as well as the standard height adjustment and intonation.

Custom Pickups

The Benavnete pickups are a custom wound humbucker pickup and come in two varities; Slim and Wide.

The LEJ uses a slim stacked humbucker as opposed to a wider side by side humbucker. This gives a punchy, growly humbucker that sounds similar to a single coil pickup without the hum. This pickup is also available as a single coil.

The LEP and LET-Birds come loaded with wide pickups for a darker and more robust sound.

Three Piece Necks

We offer the only classic style bass available with a 3-peice maple neck. If you do not understand the use or function of this, it is easy to understand with a simple analogy. Imagine the neck of your bass as a single popsicle stick. Now, imagine a 3-peice neck as three popsicle sticks tuned on their sides. This allows for a much, much more stable neck. This is one of the main factors in the stability of our necks and the tightness of the "B" or "F#" string on a 34" scale.

LowEnd Preamp

The LowEnd preamp is built from the ground up at The LowEnd. It has been fine tuned to match perfectly with the slim pickups. The feature that sets the preamp apart is the lack of a preloaded EQ curve in the flat position. When the preamp is in a flat position, you get exactly that - a flat frequency response from the preamp. No coloration, nothing... at all. Just the natural tone of your bass.